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    This brand new boat has one high standard suite of 40m2 which you can rent for a romantic stay or for a stay with a small family, 2 adults 2 children max. Designed in a genuine classic style but equipped with the newest technology and luxury. Located in the historic centre of Amsterdam, the Prinsengracht […]


In the middle of the historic centre of Amsterdam you can experience a very extraordinary way of spending your nights and enjoying your days. The brand-new Prinsenboot offers you a luxurious and pleasant stay beyond compare. Enjoy our exclusive houseboat on the water of the Prinsengracht canal.

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Upon arrival your refrigerator will be filled with complimentary soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea and a bottle of wine.


A bottle of Champagne is complementary when you book the Honeymoon Suite or any of the other suites for more than three nights.


When booking through this website and using the discount code: start, you will receive a 15% discount on all stays till end of 2022, or discount code super to receive 20% discount on all stays 4 days or longer